For generations livestock farmers have known that the key to flavoursome meat lies in the breeding and rearing o the animal. This has certainly not been forgotten at Forest Lodge Turkeys, where we find providing a healthy environment to allow a healthy bird means a premium flavour and texture within the meat will follow naturally.

Forest Lodge Turkeys are dedicated members to the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association (TFTA) – a governing body that allows you the consumer to be reassured that your turkey has been raised to the highest standard.

Our barn reared birds are housed in spacious naturally ventilated barns, where a bedding of straw is used to provide warmth and comfort.



Bronze free range turkeys are the latest addition at Forest Lodge Farm, which can be seen roaming freely within their 4 acre pen from one of the many footpaths running within the farm.

All the wheat harvested upon the 700 acres of arable land at Forest Lodge is used as feed for all our turkeys, which is mixed at a local mill providing a feed with maximum traceability.

The final stage of producing a premium bird at Forest Lodge is allowing the bird to mature for a minimum of seven days, further complementing the birds flavour and texture.